Evan McKeel

You Need Some Good News

Evan McKeel
You Need Some Good News

Good News?

It's a statement that seems like an oxymoron. Those two words don't really go together these days. Most people wouldn't associate the word good with the news. When you turn on the news you are most likely to hear something sad. People dying. Arguments. Division. Uproar. Divide. Political disputes. Riots. Shootings. 

We live in a broken world where people are hurting, and we are constantly reminded of what is wrong. We are always being shown what is worst. It's important that we are in tune with what is going on in the world around us, and it is important that we stand with people who are hurting and know about what is going on. But the problem is that we have an overabundance of bad news that has far outweighed our ability to appreciate and celebrate the good around us. We are suffering from Bad News Overload!

News Feeds

What you see is what you become. What you look at affects your way of thinking. The news we read and the news we take in sinks in deep and changes our attitude, emotions, and our way of thinking. Think of this example from social media: The News Feed. 

Why do you think we call it a NEWS FEED? Could it be that the news you read is FEEDING your mind? What you put in front of your eyes is literally feeding news into your brain. So what is your news feed mostly full of? Let me take a guess:

Facebook arguments, people complaining, and news articles that make you feel down and sad. 

The news is like a plate of Fettuccine Alfredo. It's yummy, flavorful, and very filling. But once enough of it hits your stomach you just feel heavy. There's no way you could eat Fettuccine Alfredo at every meal, so why do we only let ourselves see one kind of news?

Get this: Your brain has an appetite for new knowledge and information, and it is crucial that you have a well balanced diet.

Like we said before, the news you read has a great affect on you. 

If you only read negative information all the time, you will feel negative. If you read arguments, you will want to argue. The world seems like a very sad and horrible place if all you read is sad and horrible news. But despite what the news might be throwing at you, the world is not a sad and horrible place. It's full of wonderful places, amazing people, and so much to celebrate. If you never stop and look away from the bad news, you will miss all the good news! 

If you don't pull your eyes away from the wreckage for a moment, you may miss the great and wonderful things happening all around you. 

Shift Your Eyes

You can very quickly change your outlook by looking out

Take your eyes off the phone for a moment. Get out of the house and go talk to some people around you, in person. You will be amazed by how much happiness there is and how much good news there is to share. Social media is a constant barrage of opinions, complaints and bad news. Sometimes you need to unplug from the phone and just go outside in the sun and see someone's face. Talk to your cashier for a minute longer than normal, or ask your waitress what's going on in her world. Don't just read what people are saying about the world, go see it with your eyes, up close. 

Most news online is bad news, but good news is mostly shared face to face. 

The world is a much happier place than it looks like on CNN. Not everyone is as unhappy with their life as a political commentator. Most average, every day people around you are happy, and excited about what they are doing with their lives. Go ask them about it! 

Share Good News!

Most people you know are suffering from "Bad News Overload". Imagine the impact you can have on the people around you if you are quick to bring a positive encouragement or a joyful observation in place of a complaint. We all know that person who is always happy, and they brighten up everyone around them. You can be that person for others too! Everyone you know is secretly wishing, hoping and waiting for good news. Even the angriest, harshest people you know. Actually, the angry harsh people are probably the most starving for a kind word and a positive outlook. 

Let your eyes see past just the bad news, and you will quickly become more positive and hopeful. When you see more good things around you, you will be more optimistic and able to stay joyful even when something bad happens. You can control your mindset!

Once you change your outlook, and diversify your news feed, you will quickly become the person who is a spring of life and happiness for the people around you. See, the world and the media are always looking to get you upset or angry about something. If you don't find the joy that is right out in the open, you are defenseless against a culture that wants you to be discontent and upset with everything and everyone. Do you want to be discontent and upset all the time? Or would you rather be happy and joyful? (Hint: Happy and Joyful makes for a much better life)

These days, many friends just share bad news. But the one who shares good news has many friends.