Evan McKeel

Thanks, Don Hertzfeldt

Evan McKeel

It's 12:15am, and I'm watching through short films by animator Don Hertzfeldt. 

My room-mate showed me one of his films, and I was so intrigued and entertained that I decided to forgo a healthy night of sleep to sift through the rest of his work. He has done something so wonderful and admirable, by creating what he believes in, and asking for no permission and making no apologies. It's always amazing to me to be inspired by something that isn't music. I sometimes think I am more inspired by art and film than by music. 

I am inspired tonight to make excellent music. Not just excellent music, but something that hasn't been done before. I think that it's an uncommon belief that there are things that have never been done in music, but that's what I believe. There are things that haven't been done before, and new ways to re-imagine what has been done before. It is a true dream of mine and a fire inside of me to create, and to create something new. Something that will inspire the next writer. The next animator. The next author. The next musician. It's an awesome cycle. 

Inspired to inspire. 

I desire to create. I was created to create. I was created, by a creator, to create. 

In so many ways, I want to be like God, and to know him. I am amazed by his love for us, which we don't deserve. I am amazed by his power, which is limitless. I am amazed by his creativity, which is everywhere. I see it in a film by Don Hertzfeldt. God created Don to create. Don is serving his purpose, and ultimately showing God's creativity when he creates. 

When I am inspired by someone, tonight by Don Hertzfeldt, I am being inspired by a creation of God. God, who is the creator of creativity and the inspiration for inspiration!!

I want others to see God's creativity when they see his creations through me. I want others to be inspired by God, should they be inspired by me. I want to bring glory to such an awesome God by making the most excellent and new music that I can muster out of my hands. 

I want to be a creation that creates, inspired to inspire. 

You never know who's paying attention